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Craft Spree Camp invites you to meet our super dedicated teachers and leaders who love to see kids grow, learn and most of all HAVE FUN!

Natalia V. Petrova
Founder, Camp Director
Arts and Crafts Teacher

Hello everyone! My name is Natalia and I would like to introduce myself to you.I wear several hats at Craft Spree Studio as I am a founder, a camp director and one of the arts and crafts teachers. I majored in arts and want to share my knowledge and passion for painting and handicraft with the world. I got a taste for teaching 12 years ago while working at a private school teaching visual arts to preschoolers. At that time I also started teaching watercolour and handicraft classes to adults and children at the Antibes Community Center in North York, that's where I felt that my love of teaching can become a career for me.  
As a parent to a bilingual (French and English), curious and very energetic daughter, I was looking for a safe environment where she can learn great skills while practicing both of her languages and it had to be fun! So, that's how Craft Spree was born!  

I invite you to our studio for English and French language summer camps, after school programs and workshops. I guarantee you are in good hands! 

Rebecca Menezes
French Tutor,
Camp Leader

Hi! My name is Rebecca!
From being a previous camp counsellor, French reading buddy, volunteer dance instructor and tutor, I discovered my passion for working with children, inspiring me to become a camp leader at Craft Spree Studio.

I grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and graduated from a french immersion program in High school. In high school, I was involved in a lot of extra curricular activities from Sears Play’s and Sketch comedies at drama clubs to cross country running, track and field and swimming.

After graduating high school, I attended various exchange programs and stayed in Quebec where I worked at local museums.  Now, I currently attend the University of Toronto for an Honours degree in French Teaching and Sociology.  In my free time, I enjoy doing arts and crafts, going for nature walks, playing with my pet budgie Kiki and painting.

Victoria Waller
English Tutor
Camp Counsellor

Victoria graduated from McGill University with her degree in education.

Victoria enjoys incorporating art and creativity in many of her lessons.

She is an arts and crafts enthusiast who particularly enjoys tie dying anything she can get her hands on.

Christie Lemonastère
French Tutor, Camp Counsellor

Hi everyone! My name is Christie, I'm 20 years old and I'm a student at Humber College studying Child and Youth care. I'm bilingual as I grew up in French schools  since childhood and I make sure to influence the French language to the campers! I have a bubbly/energetic personality and I'm a dedicated leader. I have a passion for working with children and love to teach them new things like DIYs, sewing and other fun activities that they can implement in their day to day life. 
Can't wait to see you guys at the camp!

Jordan Guetchom
French Tutor, Camp Counsellor

Hi! My name is Jordan, my goal here at Craft Spree summer camp is to use my skills, my knowledge and my energy to the camp’s benefit to provide a fun learning environment for the children. I previously taught French in Saturday school to younger children and it was an englobing experience as I enjoyed working with the children and liked the working environment. I have a lot of energy to spare so I am waiting impatiently for the camp to start so I can also get started on my new duties.
My experiences:
- Teaching French at My French Club
- Assistant Gym Teacher at École Élémentaire Catholique Rene-Lamoureux 
- Competitive volleyball and soccer
- Bilingual (10+ years). French as a First Language
- Math, STEM

Olga Banit
 Sewing and Crafts Teacher


My name is Olga and I teach sewing and needlework at Craft Spree Studio.
I have over 20 years of  teaching  experience in home economics and sewing in Odessa, Soviet Union.  Sewing and DIY projects have always been my passions. Sometimes I joke that I learned how to sew before I learned how to talk.

I moved to Toronto in 1999 and now semi-retired. In my free time I enjoy nature walks and doing crafts.

I enjoy working with children and am happy to pass my knowledge and skills to kids at our camps and after school programs!

    Ella Basso
    Camp Counsellor-in-training

    Hi everyone! My name is Ella! I really enjoy working with kids as it is one of my many passions. I have volunteered with the city of Mississauga Aquatics program as well as the French Reading Buddies program. In addition, I have volunteered at a French daycare and I tutor young children in French.

    I am bilingual and have attended a French school ever since childhood. I am very involved in extracurricular activities such as volleyball, swimming, track and improvisation.

    In my free time, I like doing DIY's, arts and crafts and other fun activities. I have lots of energy and love to laugh and have fun! I look forward to seeing you all at camp!

    Sonya Vafadar
    Camp Counsellor-in-training

    Hello! My name’s Sonya, I’m 18 years old and I freshly finished high school. I speak three languages fluently, and am very excited to work with Craft Spree Camps for the summer!
    I love working with children since they keep my creativity alive, from silly little macaroni art to finger painting, it’s never boring! 

    I love arts and crafts, specifically painting. I’m also a very musical person and play guitar. I’ve been in the babysitting business since the age of 12. Seeing the inspiration behind a child’s eyes is one of my favourite things about working with children.  I love encouraging children to be hands on with their art and activities so they never shy away from new experiences.

    I’m very excited to see your bright and shining faces at camp!

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